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What can solopreneurs/professionals expect when they partner
with Virtual Writing and Communications?

  • Services from a tech-savvy writer; a communications specialist who can build web pages for you as expertly as she maintains your correspondence, manages your project, or ghost-writes your blog posts or ebook.
  • Release from internet marketing and other administrative responsibilites so you have more time for the work you love.
  • Increased traffic, professional recognition, and requests for your services or products from your stepped-up internet exposure and improved communications.

Working with Your Virtual Assistant
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Working with Your Virtual Executive Assistant

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My clients include authors, online businesses, health practitioners, creative people of various disciplines, retail business owners, and speakers, among others. While they become freed up to concentrate on their core skills, I provide the marketing, communications, and administrative work that is so essential to becoming and remaining prosperous in your business.

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“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Mary Ruth. She leads me gently through the frightening and intimidating (to me) world of cyber space. Above all she understands that my primary job is writing, and she helps me find ways to comfortably exist in my own private world of creativity and in the more public forum you see me in here. I can’t recommend her enough for any writer or artist out there who struggles with the balance of promoting her work and doing her work.” Nancy Peacock, author

“Thanks @maryhruth for another great page of content. You rock when it comes to writing web copy.” Lee Drozak, entrepreneur

“I’ve been able to get so much done. Mary asks specific questions and gets details so that I don’t have to think about them. She has great follow-through, without letting things fall between the cracks. I appreciate that she always asks me for deadlines so we both feel good about when projects get finished, knowing I’m not in a pinch.” Nathan Ohren, Write4Life Coach