A New Venture for Virtual Writing and Communications

LOGO1We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming (actually, not so regular lately – gee, my last post was several weeks back …) to bring you this special announcment.

Your Writing VA, yours truly, is branching out! That is to say, I’ve cast my services in a new light – to complement the existing set of services offered within this site.

Reason why: I’m sad to see that the small businesses who are wielding the internet with any power are so few and far between. Not very many entrepreneurs, professionals, and other micro-enterprises present strong online brands. The opportunities are woefully neglected because, I am convinced, not many understand how to put together an effective strategy for success through web communications.

The good news about this is that the internet remains an open field with relatively little competition. So if you’re an independent grocer on Main Street, that upstart competitor around the corner may not even be thinking of recruiting customers online, leaving that market in your bank.

The bad news is that we will all soon be using digital means for communications on all levels and those who neglect to learn digital methods will simply disappear. So if you are an entrepreneur or professional and you hope to make a profit, it’s going to be necessary to learn the art of internet marketing, or at least include it in your business planning.

So all that is the rationale behind my brand new website, SmallBusinessOnlineBranding.com. But wait, don’t go there yet! I want to make sure you know:

  1. The site describes the benefits of establishing a custom brand for your small business, and communicating authentically to build your tribe. My company, SmallBusinessOnlineBranding, would love to help you create and maintain your unique web platform.
  2. The site also doubles as an instructional tool, showing the path anyone can take to inbound marketing success. The sequence of pages shows one step at a time, beginning with creating your internet branding stragic plan and continuing all the way through to analytics and tracking. Start the instructional here, and just follow the red arrows!

I figure if the site shows the route, step-by-step, to setting up and maintaining a strong brand online, anyone who does not want to purchase marketing assistance can still access the information. It’s important that all small businesses at least begin to understand how these global communications work, because the potential profits are immense.

As an introductory offer, you can sign up for my 20% discount monthly mailing on any of the services listed on the A la Carte page of the site. These include tools, set ups, even websites: you can see the full list here and sign up for the discounts here.

Okay, now you can click any of those links and have at it. If you then contact me to comment, complain, suggest, or otherwise give feedback on the site, I’ll be forever grateful.

And in case you’re curious, I plan to continue my virtual assistant business. The SmallBusinessOnlineBranding enterprise described here is truly exciting to me and I plan to play a large part in it, but I also plan to team up with other providers to ensure the highest quality comprehensive services to clients there.

So what new ventures are you undertaking these days?