Alternative Workstations

A great many of us are making a living in front of the computer screen these days. This means that we’re seated for eight or so hours every day. Do you know that we pose severe risk to our health by doing this? The reports are  bad enough,  but the  daily struggle to move more while remaining productive is a constant hassle; not to mention the frequent soreness in one’s hind quarters and the atrophied muscles.

In the interest of all our comfort and longevity, therefore, this post is dedicated to alternative computing postures. I offer you a summary of my five minute internet research here, hoping to motivate both you and me to make a change for our health’s sake.

Look at this fancy design from – treadmill desk

Although this solution would relieve the ache in your backsides, I wonder if walking so slowly and constantly won’t end up with its own set of problems.

Still, the treadmill makes a lot of sense.

standing deskIf you’d be happier just standing, of course, your answer is a standing desk, and these usually come with many adjustable heights.
This helpful article
walks you through the process of finding the right standing desk for you, while noting that the idea of standing desks has been around for centuries.

Besides these ways to modify your work surface, finding a new way to configure your chair can also be helpful.

Personally, I use a StayBall now and then, just for a change, though it’s not exactly conducive to great posture after the first few minutes. Maybe this Balance Ball Chair would be better? balance ball chair

I like the idea of a kneeling chair, but haven’t ever tried one. Could my stiff knees adapt?

But really, if you’re serious about this issue, nothing will do except the Zero-Gravity Computer Recliner. This contraption is all sliding parts and tilting lounge, with corresponding monitor, keyboard, and work space. You can watch a quick video demonstrating its considerable capabilities. The price tag’s a bit steep, but what is your health worth?

So what do you say? Are any of these options viable in your case? One of them could save your life!