Entrepreneurs: You Are Your Beliefs

How exciting the New Year is! It’s a sorry person who doesn’t feel a shot of optimism as the year renews itself, turning towards longer days and the promises of spring, summer idylls and rich fall harvests.

We are suckers for hope, and rightly so. Belief conquers the placebo. If we think it will work, we greatly increase the chances of fulfilling that prophecy. Mind, in definite ways, overcomes matter.

So that means the New Year is a great time to consider what it is that we believe. If our fortunes are guided by our beliefs, we should be attuned to our assumptions, devotions, and emotions. We should be able to talk out loud about the beliefs that we hold, and be happy to defend and celebrate them anytime.

Okay, so what shall I say in this regard? What do I believe? What causes me to be hopeful about 2012 (and beyond)? Though it puts me at risk of public humiliation, I’ll attempt a list here, in hopes of spurring in you, as well, the urge to aim for ultimate successes.

I believe:

  • Beauty attracts
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Kindness rules
  • Reliability and trustworthiness seal the deal
  • Love reigns supreme.

That may sound airy-fairy to you, but it is the core of my business practice and can be stated easily in corporate-speak. In that language, you could say I am guided by:

  • Trending topics/irresistible content
  • Transparency
  • Customer service
  • Integrity and competency
  • Public relations.

The two lists are parallel, representing the same entities on different levels.

Can the beliefs be distilled into a single word? What one word summarizes what I hold to be true about my business life?

In the end, the only thing that matters is that my VA business is about confidence between the parties.

And confidence is built when all parties work diligently to be

  • Attractive
  • Transparent
  • Cooperative
  • Honest and skillful
  • Peaceful

… which is yet another way of stating the above two lists.

Five values that add up to a trustworthy relationship, a cooperation that is beneficial for all parties. Five approaches to business that ensure profitable returns for everyone over time.

That’s what I figure, anyway. That’s what I’m going on.

What about you? What’s your list of beliefs? If this is a new challenge for you, I suggest you stop everything and write out a list. Write the headline, I Believe, and make as long a list as you like. Keep your business and your customers in mind.

How do you translate your list into corporate-speak and then into a single word, and then into guiding principles or values?

How do your beliefs shape your decisions, your actions, your life?