Program/Product Launch Management

launch-checklistI love helping with program or product launches! I’d even call it my favorite among the many tasks I do for clients.

Launching your program or product online can catapult your career in a relatively short time frame. And there’s potential for serious income from the process.

Make no mistake, though, a launch is complicated. It requires you and your team to be sharply focused and committed to the full duration and maximum impact of the project.

Working with a launch manager ensures you’ll be better organized, responsive, efficient, and even calm (!) along the way.

Here’s what I will help you with.

PLANNING  (4-6 months in advance)

We schedule several sessions via phone to determine:

  • scope of the launch
  • your organizational capabilities and assets that can be assigned to the project
  • content plan
  • marketing plan
  • timeline
  • list of tasks
  • team

PRE-PRE EVENT (2-3 months in advance)

develop sales copy and graphics for web page
develop supporting landing pages and webforms
write and schedule social media
write and schedule email strings for affiliates
write and schedule marketing broadcasts
write and set up autoresponders for opt-ins
develop affiliate platform and media
develop marketing and sales automation processes

PRE-EVENT (1 month in advance)

implement communications and monitor responses
set up event software
rehearse event if necessary


technical management of the event
monitor customer service, answer questions

POST EVENT (within 2 weeks after the event)

process recording and upload
email replay links to registrants
send stats, notes to you
hold a post mortem with you
make suggestions for next steps


Though there are best practices and systems common to all launches, every one is actually unique. That means that what I need to charge you for Launch Management will vary widely, depending on what’s involved. Please fill in the quick form in the sidebar (or click here) and we’ll set up your free half-hour consult.