Streamline Your Online Processes


Does it seem like the internet is an insatiable monster, eating up all your time?

Between website updates, store set-ups and sales, community management, social media, blogging, newsletters, and all the other demands that doing business online involves, are you still able to devote plenty of time to your core business?

Picture this: your Online Business Manager takes over one or more (or all!) of your online tasks, allowing you to get back to the main practices and offerings of your business.

If you like the looks of that scenario, let’s implement my Streamline support services.

We’ll take a hard look at your goals and current systems, and create processes to streamline your internet operations. Then we’ll implement and put those processes to work for you.

Included in the basic Online Business Management package:

  • We assess your current situation and I give recommendations for the next 3 (or 6) months
  • I create a written plan of action
  • We agree on a project management software solution so you can track my progress
  • I implement the plan’s details – with your cooperation, of course!
  • I send you weekly updates via email
  • We share a weekly phone/Skype conversation
  • 3-month reports with stats as required in the plan are provided by me
  • Suggested Next Steps from me is delivered 2 weeks before the end of the 3/6-month period


Every contract for Online Business Management is unique to the circumstances. I can give you a specific price after assessing your situation and goals.

Cost may range from $1,000 to $3,000 per month.


So how do you know whether or not this is for you?

Can you say Yes to all of the following –

1. Is your business ready to expand on the internet?
2. Are you committed to building your online influence and sales?
3. Can you realistically participate in the project, providing content and meeting deadlines as our plan requires? (Online branding is ALL about your voice!)

If you can, it’s definitely time to contact me.

But even if you’re unsure, let’s set up a call and talk it through! I promise to be honest with you. If we are not a great match, I’ll make other suggestions for you.