Should You Work with a Solo VA or a Multi-VA Agency?

Thinking of contracting with a virtual assistant and confused by all the options that seem to be out there? Not only is each VA different from all the others, but you also must choose between working with a solo practitioner and working with a multi-VA agency.

Small businesses need a huge variety of tasks done that might be assigned to a VA, and it may well be difficult for the specific small biz to find the one person who is skilled in just the ways you need. Difficult, but not impossible, in this age of the internet, in which the talent pool is as large as the globe’s population, and you’re not confined to local personnel.

On the other hand, the one-stop-shop that’s offered by a multi-VA agency may seem ideal. By contracting with an agency, your diverse needs may be met by several different employees there, saving you the hassle of hiring each separately.

Have you ever noticed, though? Agencies are made up of individuals. In the end, you’re still dealing with a person, not an umbrella. Just because you think an agency is awesome, that doesn’t mean individuals there will resonate with you as well.

You do have to ‘deal with’ your VA; regular communications are essential to a profitable relationship. Are you likely to be satisfied with your communications with your multi-VA agency, or would it be more efficient to locate a single VA with whom you establish a strong rapport? Different types of people will know their personal preferences in this matter.

How can your solo VA cover all your needs? Probably by contacting fellow VAs when you have tasks not included in your VA’s skill set. There exists a nice camaraderie within the VA industry for these purposes.

I have been conscious, ever since starting out as a VA, that what I’m selling is actually my personality. Yes, I possess skills and training and experience. But what I need potential clients to understand is the integrity and usefulness of the specific person that I am; my habits, values, ethic, taste, timing, awareness. It’s because of these things that clients benefit from my services; my technical skills are by-products.

That means that the business or entrepreneur contacting a VA should be very up front about the type of person they are seeking, as well as the type of skills required. Selecting a VA is akin to selecting a doctor or attorney. You want someone you can relate to.

The solo worker is an artisan, one who will take the definition of customized services to new heights for you.

The multi-VA agency worker is an employee, trained to deliver with the sleek predictability of a fine-tuned engine.

It’s your own predilections that can decide between them.