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If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re juggling a circus and determined to do it all. It may not even occur to you to delegate some of your work.

But a virtual assistant is uniquely positioned to work within your budget and return excellence, so that your business is able to grow exponentially, while you are able to relax and lean into the parts of your work that matter the most to you personally. 

I’m a virtual executive assistant serving solopreneurs by providing marketing and communications support on many levels, from planning to execution to evaluation. While my core skills are writing and editing, I am a communicator, organizer, and geek as well.

I am also a certified Social Media Marketing specialist, and a graduate of HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing University.

A VA is your partner. I work with business owners who are creative and ambitious, as the background support that can make all the difference to an entrepreneur’s business success as well as his or her health and happiness.

Contact mary at writingVA dot com

Phone: 336-213-0437