To Be Productive, Be Positive

thumbs-upHere’s a remarkable thing: when we focus the mind and heart, anything is possible. Have you noticed that? On the other hand, when we don’t focus on something constructive, everything shrinks.

It has become one of our country’s favorite pastimes to trash the government and our societal structures in general. Yes, I say this partly because of the Snowden affair, because many thousands of us apparently see no problem with subverting the systems meant to safeguard our peace. Calling the ‘whistle-blower’ a hero, huge numbers of my respected peers think it’s a fine and good thing for a security employee to betray the trust of┬áhis station and country.

To an old-timer such as me, the loose and increasing negativity towards our government and so many institutions is frightening because it is a loud complaint with no helpful alternatives to offer.

I am, admittedly, an aging hippie; I know what revolution is. There is definitely a time in life when we feel like smashing things: when we’re young, inexperienced, indignant. And then there is a time when age, experience, and wisdom take over and you begin to care exclusively about building things, as opposed to breaking them down.

I’m going to work over this a little bit, because I want to convince you to seek constructive solutions instead of popular distractions.

Not that I am capable of convincing you of anything. But it’s worth making the effort to say, let’s stop being destructive. It’s a trend that worries me lately. Blaming anyone else for your troubles is avoidance, pure and simple. Sooner or later you’ll have to own up to the fact that You are the one who fails to build a life, always finding a reason why not to follow your dreams.

What a waste it is when people adopt hopelessness, especially in the US. If politics is the problem, we can vote. If policies are the problem, we reform. If it’s education or infrastructure or corruption or poverty, we have power and can build solutions. To whine on the sidelines of an issue is to waste your breath and irritate everyone within earshot.

There’s a meaning to this madness, a reason why I’m lecturing, and it is that in business – in internet and networking relationships and content, in oversight, operations, services, and all departments – if you focus attention fiercely on positive growth, you can’t help but achieve the goal that’s in your mind’s eye. And whatever time you spend with negative influences is time not spent building.

A friend described it this way: consider the people you know. Which are the ones who bring good energy to your exchanges and encounters? Which are the people who sap your energy, leaving you feeling drained? Which of these types of people do you think you should emulate?

I’m no feel-good airhead, but I know the value of positive energy. If you’re feeling burdened, stressed, depressed or pissed, is it because you’re hanging out with whiners who have no constructive ideas? Is it time to seek out new company?