Virtual Assistants Are the Ecological Choice

At lunch today, we talked about the likelihood that fluorescent, energy-saving bulbs will soon become the only sensible lighting for American homes. Some of us shuddered to think of this change.

It’s understandable. The quality of light is pretty basic to our lives and cherished memories. Fluorescence garishly lacks the warmth of incandescence.

But much in the same way, we must remember that incandescence is vastly more harsh than its predecessor, candlelight.

Since we’ve definitely made the shift to light bulbs from candles, if necessary we’ll shift again to fluorescence. We’ll complain, but we’ll change.
And then we’ll reap the benefits. As the light bulb far more efficiently than candles can illuminate a space, fluorescence will conserve precious energy to appreciably extend our collective human tenure here on Earth. The difficulty in adjusting to change disappears in light of the rewards.

Thinking about forming an association with a Virtual Assistant might be similarly foreign to you, and you might automatically resist the change. On second thought, however, as a business-person or other professional, you know that a choice which is both economical and ecological has to be worth investigating.

To enlist the services of a Virtual Assistant is to organize your work in a way that takes full advantage of all today’s resources. You choose your associations from a global slate of candidates, for instance, instead of being limited to those within commuting distance. The VA provides equipment, space and know-how that serve several clients simultaneously, maximizing the VA’s skills and saving you money. Your time is significantly freed up, because the VA is taking care of the details. You are able to apply your energies to personal or business growth or
other interests.

When you outsource to a VA, you are conserving office space, employee oversight and payroll, equipment expense, and payments for breaks and sick leave. This is great news for you.

Consider, as well, how working with Virtual Assistants benefits the environment. The expenditure in fuel and time that commuting employees incur daily makes as little sense in the 21st century as refusing to convert to the electric light bulb would have made in the 20th. Given the stresses our world today knows in the areas of energy, water, global weather shifts; and given the well-meaning but sadly ineffectual responses we are able to provide for natural disasters (e.g. Katrina, tsunamis, wildfires), if it can be done at a home office, it should be.

Just as we still enjoy candlelight at times, business owners and professionals will continue to work with on-site employees in many positions. But for most administrative basics, as well as for special projects and flexible jobs, the world is discovering that the VA solution adds significant value to individual business as well as to the health of our planet.