Virtual Assistants: Not Just for Rich People

” Your ability to grow your business is in direct proportion to your ability to ask for — and receive — support. Which means hiring someone to help you before you’re in total overwhelm.”
Kendall SummerHawk

A disturbing concept has surfaced lately. It’s going around that only successful people can afford a virtual assistant. Some infer that it’s a luxury to have a VA.

To the contrary, virtual assistants can make all the difference if you want to grow your endeavor from a daily struggle into a productive and profitable income stream. Your budget can be modest, but your investment in an assistant will grow your income. The best thing about virtual assistance is that it provides support services very like the benefits you’d have with a business partner, with much less risk.

A VA can be key to your growth for several reasons. A big reason is that without a VA you lack vital hands-on and moral support. Without support you lack the feedback and encouragement that can make the difference between survival and curtains for your enterprise.

Because a VA is a fellow business owner, your real business issues can be shared and met with useful advice, coaching, and execution. You are the VA’s client, not employer, so you can bet that she takes your business to heart. The VA’s success lies in your success.

VAs perform a wide variety of different tasks, and usually specialize in one or more areas. When contracting with a VA, you’re getting much more than a secretary: you’re getting a skilled expert.

But what about the cost? If you’re committed to your business, you’ll quickly realize it’s much more an investment than a cost. A VA’s efficiency means that even if you can only afford a few hours, you’ll still get more than expected value in return.

If you budget for marketing, accounting, lead generation and follow-up, planning, administration, project management, or any of the other key business areas, then you can budget for a VA, because a VA will save you money wherever you choose to apply their skills. If lead follow-up, for example, is taking too many of your hours, giving it to a VA skilled in communications will cost less per hour and get the job done more quickly.

So consider: what is the cost of office space, wages and benefits, and HR? How much are you paying for in-house and specialized services? By partnering with a VA, you save money while realizing better value all around.

Some folks start out as solopreneurs with no more than a song and a prayer – i.e., no cash or capital. They will need to see some income before they can contract with a service provider. But if you’re anywhere past rock bottom, working with a VA is likely the most efficient and economical way to grow.

Please reconsider the myth that a VA is a luxury. Working with a VA is available and affordable – and smart! – no matter what your size or budget, if you’re serious about your business.