Greetings from …

Your assistant.

Correspondence, copywriting, lead generation, marketing, reporting, publicity, customer service, graphic design and more can be managed by your virtual assistant. Administrative tasks can for the most part be excuted virtually, with services provided primarily via internet, email, and telephone. This operational style saves you and the environment tons of headache and cost.

Your partner.

Your virtual assistant is your partner because she succeeds only when you succeed. Whether you are seeking help with a project or for the forseeable future, your VA takes the appropriate view right along with you. She is trained to see every effort in terms of how it contributes to the big picture. Her material is the data, while her perspective is a bird’s eye view. She is both an independent consultant and a proud member of your team.

Your secret weapon.

“If you can get everything accomplished by yourself, your dream is too small.”
~ John C. Maxwell

The team that’s made up of you and your VA results in more than the sum of its parts. With your VA always on hand, your productivity will increase, your responsiveness will improve, your amount of relaxed time off will multiply.

You are skilled and professional. You love doing what you do. Your products or services are useful to many people; you help to make life a little bit better for your customers.

Go the next step to leadership, earnings, and effectiveness by partnering with a VA!

Email mary at writingVA dot com.