What’s Your Level of Self-Trust?

cheetah100I’ve been exploring online relationships lately in this blog: how they’re built and maintained. As a minor departure, I want to post today about something that has to precede any attempts you make at connecting with others, online or off.

A healthy relationship involves trust between the parties: we’ve already looked at what that means. Yet even more fundamentally, we should understand what trust in yourself means.

The reason it’s important to be really clear about your own self-trust when you’re an entrepreneur of any sort is that your confidence in what you’re doing is bound to be shaken, hard and often. You need enough self-trust to weather these assaults.

Moreover, it’s your confidence that attracts other people. On days when your confidence flags, you feel like wallflower, right? You actually hope you’ll get by unnoticed. Very bad for profits.

Overall, you might think your self-confidence is invincible; and then something happens to test it. You get sick; you lose a client; you face a sudden large expense; you make a sudden large mistake. You begin to doubt everything, to feel a failure.

What happens then, not only to your attitude and productivity but also to your relationships? To what extent do these things suffer when you have a personal crisis of confidence?

The cyclic nature of our own trust in ourselves can wreak havoc. Generally, entrepreneurs excel in the self-confidence department; but even these paragons of personality do well to monitor and build the strength of their self-trust so emotional fluctuations are minimized.

This is not ego, though that mistake is made all the time. Many an entrepreneur is egotistical, usually a thinly veiled defense mechanism masking underlying fear. Self-trust is something entirely different.

The smart entrepreneur studies ways to establish, nurture, and increase self-trust. She seeks ways to feel awake and aware, skilled and sure, no matter what happens. Or at least to seem to be constantly at such a level of confidence. We know this is necessary in order to keep business operating at a healthy pace.

Secrets to keeping your positive-thinking self-confidence engine in tip-top form at all times abound, ranging from yoga to that freaky 5-Hour Energy product to power naps and everything in-between. Everyone finds their own solution.

It does seem paradoxical that we sustain and perpetuate the rush to the top by cultivating inner peace. But without a reliable way to steady the ship, your own frail humanity will undermine forward progress.

How do you cultivate and support your personal self-trust, to ensure you don’t lose faith? How do you stay true-to-form for your business and relationships, day after day, knowing you will not let yourself or anyone else down? Where do you source your personal best?