Why Virtual Assistants Are Good For Your Business

Business owners and managers of all kinds must deal with a dizzying array of organizational challenges, all centered around establishing the business’ sustainability.

In the business world, as you constantly juggle planning, production, PR, finances and reporting, you must also constantly configure the delegation of tasks. And then there’s the ever-present staffing oversight.

If you have employees, you must regularly check to ensure their work is structured properly, their production levels are up to par, and their work ethics are in order. You pay wages/salaries, benefits, taxes, rent and utilities and all office bills. You endure a costly and stressful interview and hire process when one of your employees quits.

If you’re just starting out and working alone, at least for the time being, you probably are having a great time exploring your business idea. Perhaps you’ve already seen some success, and the thrill hasn’t worn off one bit. But you do wonder if you’re losing too much sleep, and your family is beginning to complain.

Whether you already have employees, or just want to unburden some of your solo work, take a serious look at working with a Virtual Assistant.

Here’s why.

  • Virtual Assistants work from a remote location (probably their home office). This means: no facilities costs for you; no cost for office equipment; no wages, benefits or taxes (Virtual Assistants do business by contract); no missed work because of inclement weather or traffic problems.
  • Virtual Assistants provide a huge variety of services, with each business also specializing in some way. Most of the time, a Virtual Assistant offers a basic service in administration. You can see the services offered at the VA’s website. If you need general office skills – phone answering, typing, copying, email management, correspondence, etc. – or marketing, writing or website help, you’ll have many VAs to choose from.
  • Virtual Assistants contract by the hour or by the job, with all conditions set up in advance. You are charged for time actually spent of your work, only. Most VAs use time tracking software to keep their billing accurate. No more paying for coffee breaks!
  • Virtual Assistants, as noted, often specialize in something. If you need financial assistance, many focus on bookkeeping. If you’re looking for website development or marketing help, VA sites again are the place to go. If you want research, design or even project management, you can find them among VAs.
  • And yes, there’s one other reason: VAs are at home, in comfortable environs, doing what they love to do. In other words, they tend to be well-adjusted people. To put it bluntly, no more employee headaches! Find a VA who smoothly, professionally takes care of business because it truly is in his/her own interest to do so.

Maybe you’re starting to see why a Virtual Assistant may be just the solution for you. You will save time, money and hassle; and very likely you’ll receive higher quality product.

You can agree to a short or long term contract, or simply go week to week. Many VAs serve the same clients year after year; others will simply complete a time-bound project for you. The variety is immense!